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Easton 5mm FMJ Retro XX75 Camo Hunter Arrow – Available for a Limited Time

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Easton 5mm FMJ Woodland Camo Hunter Arrow

Many bowhunters will remember the classic XX75 Camo Hunter arrows—a mainstay in quivers going back to the 1970’s. Easton has announced that for a limited time their Utah factory will produce the 5MM FMJ in the retro Camo Hunter pattern. The special edition FMJ shafts will use the same construction as the other Full Metal Jacket arrows—an aluminum jacket over a high-strength micro carbon core that offers enhanced penetration over standard carbon arrows.

More bowhunters are turning to full-metal-jacket arrows for higher downrange velocity and extra kinetic energy afforded by FMJ’s unique construction. The results are heavier blood-trails and cleaner kills with hunters reporting quicker big game recoveries.

The limited 5MM retro is available in four spine sizes: 500, 400, 340 and 300.

  • Pre-installed 5MM (X) nocks
  • 5MM RPS 8-32 HIT inserts included
  • Micro-diameter carbon core with a 7075 metal jacket
  • $91.99 MSRP per half-dozen

More information on 5MM Full Metal Jacket arrows.


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