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Easton’s Proven Deep Six Nock Available in More, Brighter Colors

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Easton Archery Deep Six Nocks New Colors

Superb durability and accuracy for higher-energy compound bowhunting rigs


Easton’s Deep Six nocks feature a large throat design, stiffer configuration and extreme durability as well as unmatched precision. As a result, Deep Six nocks are well known as a component contributing to discerning bowhunters’ achievement of tack-driving accuracy with Easton 4mm shafts- but until now, Deep Six nocks were only available in two relatively stealthy colors- deep red, and dark blue.

With the addition of Emerald Green, Lemon-Lime, and Orange to the lineup for 2018, bowhunters now have more, higher visibility choices for the proven Deep Six nock.

Easton dealers have the option of ordering Deep Six nocks by the 12 count or 100 count bag.

Easton will begin delivering the new Deep Six colors in January.

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