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Easton Hunting Blog - Simplifying Arrow Dimensions

For years now, Easton has been using letter codes- S, X, H, and G- to indicate the internal diameter (and therefore, component compatibility) of our high-performance hunting arrows.   That worked great back when there were only a couple of choices- but today, it can be a little confusing.

That’s why you will now see the internal diameter of all of our performance hunting shafts described in millimeters- much like firearms projectiles. 

S “standard” Diameter is 6.5MM, H “Reduced Diameter” is 6MM, X “Micro Diameter” is 5MM, and our “Ultra-Micro” G Diameter is 4MM (utilizing Deep Six components.)

The new nomenclature immediately allows you to relate one size to another, and makes it a lot easier to select the right components for your preferred arrow.

Going forward, we will refer to all hunting shafts (and matching components) by their metric inside diameter- but right now, you’ll find both references in our technical materials, catalogs and other resources.

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