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6mm Axis Under Armour

Easton 6mm FMJ Under Armour

About The Product

Easton Axis Under Armour 6MM

Enjoy your hunt with your favorite Under Armour brand. Introducing the NEW Under Armour arrow.

Reduced-diameter high-strength 6MM Axis Under Amour arrows offer maximum penetration for bowhunting.  Provides a high level of precision for superior broadhead accuracy.

  • Reduced 6MM (H) diameter high-strength carbon fibers
  • Provides superior kinetic energy, deeper penetration, and more durability
  • Factory straight, weight & spine matched
  • Includes 6MM (H) ST RPS 8-32 insert and pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks
  • Straightness ±.003



• 6MM reduced-diameter high-strength carbon fibers

• Pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks
• 6MM (H) ST RPS 8-32 inserts
• Straightness: ± .003”



Under Armour Arrow Components


UA Points

Easton Archery - Under Armour Arrow



Size Shaft Weight Spine@28" Span Stock Length RPS Point Broadhead Adapter Ring
GPI Deflection In Inches Inches O.D. Inches Size (5 Grains)
500 7.3 0.500 30.75 9/32 BAR6
400 8.8 0.400 31.25 9/32 BAR7
340 9.6 0.340 31.75 9/32 BAR7
300 10.2 0.300 32.25 9/32 BAR7

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